Typography: The power of an effective ad

Typography is an important and crucial part of promotional material and advertising campaigns. Designers usually use typography to set a theme and mood in an advertisement (Felton, 2013). The latest trend in print advertisements is to use bigger fonts that grab the attention of the viewers (Graham, 2014). However, designers use different type of fonts and color based on the core message of the ad.

Wendy’s Strawberry Frosty Shake:


Wendy’s used typography very effectively in this ad. It used texts to make a glass of strawberry milk shake. The typography describes unique features of the product, which made the ad very informative. The designer made a hierarchy changing the size of the fonts in each level. Therefore, the design looks unified and balanced. Nevertheless, writing the slogan using a different font underneath the product’s name made the typography more eye-catching and effective.

As we know, Wendy’s is one of the major competitors of Burger King. Burger King also introduced various flavored milkshake in 2012. The target market for these milkshakes is young adults, particularly student.

Starbucks Coffee:

5015b7a734df3ee09eb593dd342dce26Although, Starbucks is not a direct competitor of Burger King, they do compete in a different field. The target audience for both the brand is same, which is the young adult market. Also, Burger King offers the Roast Coffee, which is a popular product of Starbucks.

Starbucks released this ad mainly to attack the restaurants that offer inexpensive coffees. Burger King is one of those restaurants. However, the ad itself is very effective. The main message of the ad was to deliver the brand value of Starbucks, which can be clearly understood by the texts. The texts are in order and create a visual hierarchy. The designer used ‘fact’ strategy in this ad by using a factual statement. He also put emphasis on the words ‘beware’ and ‘price’ using biggest and darkest fonts.

KFC Zombie Poster:


KFC is one of the local and international competitors of Burger King. It offers almost the same menu that Burger King offers. Both of the brands also target the same segment of the market, which is the young adults.

However, this ad was a poster made by KFC during the Halloween season of 2013. The poster only has the texts that are the brand slogan of KFC. The typography is very clear and eye-catching. The designer used bold fonts to put emphasis on the phrase “finger licking.” The font used to write the headline is from the ‘sans-serif’ group. The contrast colors, such as, white, red, black, and maroon, used in the design helped the most important phrase to stand out.

McDonalds- You just can’t resist it:New-Creative-Crazy-Typography-Design-Posters-of-2012-131

McDonalds is the main competitor of Burger King. They offer similar types of products and services. They target the same market, which is the young adult segment. McDolands is the direct international competitor of Burger King as well.

However, the ad here is very simple, yet expressive. It has its own tone and forms, that make this a successful ad (Felton, 2013). The core message of the ad is to communicate the unique features of the brand McDonalds. The designer only used some texts to achieve the goal of this ad. Making the logo and the slogan with all those action words made the ad more effective. Also, the designer created a visual hierarchy in this ad that makes it visually appealing.

Epic Burger:


Epic Burger, which is a Chicago-based fast food restaurant, is a local competitor of Burger King. They also target the young adults who prefer to eat out on occasion. However, the unique selling proposition (USP) of Epic Burger is that they offer customized burger. Customers can add extra sides with their burgers without paying any extra bucks.

This ad was made to tell the customers that the only thing they need to bring in their restaurant is napkin. Customers need a lot of napkins to eat the burger with all the sauces provided by Epic Burger. This ad effectively delivers the message the brand wanted to communicate with its customers. Putting the texts inside the buns made the ad looked more attractive. The fonts and their size of the texts are appropriate as well. The designer emboldened the words that need emphasis on them. Nevertheless, one of the major USPs of Burger King is that they also offer the option of customizing the burgers.